Happy Virtual Write-in Group

The Happy Virtual Write-in is a weekly virtual event that brings doctoral students of the ETAP Department and other departments on campus and offers them (snacks, if held in person) and virtual support for their writing process. Graduate students are also welcome to join us. Write-ins can alleviate the isolation of writing alone, help overcome procrastination, and help foster a campus writing community that embraces individual writing achievements (whether you are at the stage of writing your gateway, pilot, conference proceeding, article, or dissertation).

What do we do? At 2:30 PM, welcoming music will start for 2 min to settle in, and each of us is welcome to put in the chat box your writing goal or work for the session. Then, the music will stop, and we will work together for 6 rounds using the Pomodoro technique. It means that after 25 min, the host will ask you to stop for stretching and relax for 5 min. After 6 rounds, the host will acknowledge your progress, say goodbye to you, and you can take a long break of 20 min before moving on with your day. Feel free to open your camera when you work (optional).

Link to join here: https://albany.zoom.us/j/99819516279?pwd=S00wbG9Nb1ZhcUNHbGZWa2dsY3U5dz09

(Meeting ID and passcode can be found in the poster) A small gift from ETAP DocS will be emailed to you after each month if you join all monthly sessions with the whole community