Happy Virtual Write-in

Write-ins can:

  • alleviate the isolation of writing alone
  • help overcome procrastination
  • help foster a campus writing community that embraces individual writing achievements (whether you are at the stage of writing your gateway, pilot, conference proceeding, article, or dissertation)

Each session will:

(1) Welcome all participants,

(2) Ask everyone to input their writing goal for two hours in the chatbox (optional)

(3) Put on Pomodoro Timer for 45 minutes to make sure people can prefer to stretch

(4) Wrap up and congrats on everyone’s writing session. Sometimes, we can have background music and music gift (e.g., you can send a music request to your friend) upon request.

Why do I need to join this program?

  • A completion of any writing goals!!!!!
  • A virtual write-in coupon will be created and if you joined ALL sessions, you will win a prize from ETAP Board Members.

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