ETAP DocS Peer Mentoring Program  

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ETAP DocS Peer Mentoring Program matches new and prospective (non-matriculated) students in ETAP programs with current and alumni doctoral students. Mentoring, in our definition, is a relationship based on an exchange of knowledge, support, experience, and goodwill. Developing a healthy and reciprocal community is inseparable from personal growth, and we see the mentoring program as a key part of our ETAP DocS community mission statement and as a way to help new members get off to a successful start in their Ph.D. studies.

We are glad to invite you to ETAP Docs’ latest efforts to unite the ETAP Community after the transitory period during the Pandemic. In the mentor program, we will support your mentoring activities by matching the mentor and mentee’s social backgrounds and research interests. Further, we will support the mentors and mentees by organizing optional meet-ups and we will help to facilitate the ongoing communication and relationships by providing concrete guidelines and proactive mediation.  

Who can join this mentor/ mentee program: 
Mentors: All current ETAP doctoral students and ETAP alumni can serve as a mentor
Mentees: All doctoral students who are new to the ETAP program, including matriculated and non-matriculated students, can participate in the mentoring program as a mentee. Prospective doctoral students, who are preparing to enter the ETAP doctoral department can also participate in the program as a mentee, but ETAP Docs prioritizes current doctoral students.  

Benefits for Mentors: You can…

  • Get formal acknowledgment of academic service from ETAP Docs (Certificate of service). 
  • Gain hands-on experience in mentoring and coaching.  
  • Have a chance to broaden your professional and personal network. 
  • Give back, support newcomers to the department, and help cultivate a supportive ETAP Docs community. 

Benefits for Mentees:  You can…

  • Have a friendly face to contact when you have questions about the Ph.D. program, university, and life as a full-time/ part-time graduate student.  
  • Get information about the ETAP department, milestone requirements, courses, and credits (e.g. Information on three core courses and methodological courses). 
  • Build professional and personal relationships with peers in the ETAP department and ETAP DocS community (e.g., possibly connect and collaborate with academics, other parents, and peers with similar research interests/ expertise). 
  • Ask questions about professional activities important to doctoral students (Learning to conduct research, developing a good relationship with academic advisors, taking a strategic approach to handle the program schedule, etc).  

Support from ETAP Docs Board: We will…

  • Try to best match mentors and mentees in terms of research interests, advisors, and personal matters.
  • Organize optional virtual or face-to-face catch-up events for mentors and mentees (ETAP DocS’ Happy Writing Hours and ETAP DocS’ Peer Research Forum).
  • Support the ongoing communication and collaboration within and between mentors/mentees.  

Program timeline: 
Sept 23: Match mentors and mentees
Sept 23 to Dec 23 Mentors and mentees keep in contact and work together as needed 1:1 and using the new Mentor/Mentee Online space
Dec 23: Mentors and mentees check in with the ETAP DocS exec team for a summary of events in Fall 2022.
May 24: Program feedback and Mentors renew/ sign up.

Being a peer mentor is a great way to support our new members, as well as personally and professionally connect with peers in our community and beyond via our student-led ETAP Docs events and social media platforms. Your time and support will go a long way in helping to give our new peers a supportive welcome and a strong start to the program. 

Many thanks for your interest in being part of the mentor program!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk about the program. Just send an email to Tom Underwood.