Core Programs

For the 2022-2023 academic year, ETAP DocS run two Core Programs. Core Programs are designed to foster student-led collaborations by developing social spaces. It means that ETAP DocS will hold repeated sessions where doctoral students interact with each other in a productive and reciprocal way.

ETAP Mentoring Peer Mentoring Program matches new and prospective (non-matriculated) students in ETAP programs with current and alumni doctoral students. ETAP DocS help their relationship building by suggesting clear guideline, conducting strategic matching, taking the role of mediator, and arranging meetings.

Peer-to-Peer Research Forum connects doctoral students who want to discuss any issue related to their research with other students. It is a fornightly synchronous online session where people come together to talk about and develop research. From asking questions to sharing ongoing work and new ideas, you can bring whatever you want into this forum.