Welcome Back Event

From ‘who we are’ to ‘how we can be better’

ETAP DocS’ Welcome Back Event on August 31, 2022 was the first business meeting of the 202-2023 academic year. This year, the event was open to public and we were glad to welcome Dr. Michael Elliott, Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to give his talk on “PhD Students’ Resilience: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome.” There were 20 students from our Department, Department of Educational Psychology, Department of Literacy, and Computer Science Department joining us. A representative from GSEU also came to share information about the organization, which has Benefit Information for Graduate and Teaching Assistants (https://www.albany.edu/hr/GATA_SEHP.php). An ebook of “Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation” by Lorrie Blair was sent to all participants.

For any ideas for ETAP DocS’ upcoming events and guest speakers, please send us an email to etapdocs@albany.edu

Written by Mary Dinh (mdinh@albany.edu)

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