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The scientific, cultural, social, and humanitarian benefits may also be numerous for the university library, particularly at this stage, because you need mental, psychological, and cultural construction to begin and engage in practical life. You must nourish yourself by reading valuable books and references, so you must access the university library frequently, borrow books, and train yourself in research techniques throughout the years you are in grade school.

It aids students in acquiring literature and scientific resources. In addition, it strives to provide in-depth knowledge of the topic of study. It also adds to the success of university students since it offers scientific messages and references for assisting the student in achieving success.

It helps students acquire cultural and cognitive nourishment at the global level since it comprises numerous books in science and culture and works specializing in culture and knowledge.

The university library also provides several sources and services that instruct students on how to use the library, books, citations, etc. Recently, university libraries have evolved due to the incorporation of technology and electronic aspects, which enables students to access many sources, journals, and reference materials. Therefore, dear student, you should visit the university library, borrow books, and learn about the world of reading, which is an excellent chance for personal and professional growth. We are fortunate to have access to three libraries at our university. If you are looking for quiet time to work on your papers, you should try the Dewey Graduate Library on the downtown campus. Also, the Science library has a great option of booking a group study room. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for help from our great librarian Dr. Yu-Hui Chen (518-442-3586/LI-304)

Figure 1. Services available in UAlbany library

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