Strategic Planning for Career Workshop

Draft bold/rough idea and tweak it after the experiment

The Strategic Planning for Career Workshop on November 18, 2022 was a new professional development workshop hosted by YangHyun Kim, a vice-president of ETAP, and Megumi Kim, a career advisor in UAlbany.

The cross-department workshop includes 1) quiz, 2) case study, 3) mini-lecture on Strategy and Planning, and 4) SMART goal exercise. Participants engaged in this learner-centered program to reflect on their career mindset for 1 hour. You can see the Padlet link to review the activity. The link is a revised version, excluding a discussion on personal SMART goals and feedback. Please check the link ( and email ETAP DocS ( if you want to see the PPT file.

One of the core principles for successful strategic planning is building a theory, even in a rough and bold form, about world change and your differentiation in the future. Without this theory, we don’t know whether we are right or wrong. Experiment with your theory and tweak it in an agile way.

The workshop would be held again online the next Spring following the vision of ETAP DocS, ensuring equal access to resources and services.

Workshop takeaways:

1. Seriously involving with information related to your career

2. Reflect on your current activity for life after graduation

3. Planning aligned with Strategy. Be agile and don’t be alone.

4. SMART goal is an useful framework. Adapt it for your preference.

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