Outlooks in Industry Market Workshop

Doctoral Degrees in Education: Outlooks in Industry Market was conducted by alumni Dr. Adele Touhey. A doctorate in education (of ETAP or within SOE) is an advanced degree in studying learning sciences, technology applications, and language and culture matter and implementing the curriculum or innovative pedagogical projects in schools.

People who pursue this degree often seek educational leadership roles and enact changes in their organizations while others can pursue a career in academia at higher education contexts. A lot of ETAP alumni have been working as faculty in colleges and universities all around the world. For Adele, the path was a bit different. Before graduation, she had applied for positions at Duolingo, an American educational technology company that produces apps for language-learning and provides language certification. In the talk, she shared her journey of preparing the applications, conducting rounds of interviews, finding a career mentor, and how she successfully transferred her academic skills into the industry position that helped her earn a six-figure salary right after graduation.

Her presentation could be found here: 

Written by Mary Dinh (mdinh@albany.edu)

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