Letter from a faculty – Carla Meskill

Welcome new and returning students to the Fall 2022 semester. Tremendous thanks to the outgoing ETAP DocS founders and officers who, through thick and thin, kept this group together during these past pandemic years both remotely and through live meetups and events. Your efforts are truly important to our community. Much appreciation is also due our new officers who are working generously to continue these traditions.

This newsletter is one of many vehicles for you developing scholars to be involved, supported, and to stay connected.

We hope that in it you will find information that is useful to you in your doctoral studies. But most of all we hope that through this and future newsletters you will discover many fruitful ways to actively participate in this important community. Happy studies and, most importantly, enjoy!

Dr. Carla Meskil’s Profile: https://www.albany.edu/education/faculty/carla-meskill

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