Forward From ETAP DocS Board Member 2022-2023

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first e-newsletter of the ETAP Doctoral Students’ Group (ETAP DocS). As board members of the ETAP DocS 2022-2023 academic year, welcome all current and new doctoral students to join our organization. We are here to help you enjoy the doctoral journey at ETAP, creating a strong community to support your professional development and embrace the achievements you have accomplished as emergent scholars in your area of study. 😊

We hope you choose to stay with us! In our bi-weekly newsletter, we always something of value for you: ETAP DocS events, reminders for our happy writing hours together, doctoral students’ research forum, peer-to-peer mentoring program, monthly workshops focusing on milestones of the program, helpful tips to stay work-life balance, profiles of doctoral students, resources in and outside the department, and probably a few laughs.

In this first issue, we want to send you the warmest regards and wishes for a brand new semester. Doctoral students are like warriors. You can get stronger and stronger on this Ph.D. marathon, and together, we can make this journey less lonely. Please consider joining our peer-to-peer mentoring program so we can all learn from each other.

The first issue also focuses on academic writing resources and tips. We also launched our Podcast series about ETAP doctoral students and chose to feature one new international doctoral student specializing in language teaching innovations, Yingru Zhao. Let’s meet her and subscribe to hear more topics of success stories of ETAP doctoral students. Finally, we want you to feel our presence, and let’s stay in touch via our website and social media platforms. This newsletter is also a channel for our conversations and communication. Please do not hesitate to contribute and write to us at Whatever you want to say, we are here to help deliver the messages, including how we can complete the Ph.D. journey successfully, and how the department and departmental services can be bettered to assist you.

Do not forget to put a mark on your calendar because we have a date. Let’s meet at Catskill 204, 6-7 PM Aug 31 for our first event – ETAP DocS Welcoming Event for ALL new and current doctoral students to meet up. A virtual option can also be available for those who cannot come.


ETAP DocS Board Member 2022-2023


Mary Dinh

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