About Us

ETAP DocS is the official student organization for doctoral students in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice at the University at Albany.

Our vision: To be an organization that is led by the needs, interests, and efforts of our ETAP Docs student community, that ensures all students have access to ETAP Docs’ resources and services whether physically, virtually, synchronously, and asynchronously, and that collectively develops and communicates research across ETAP Docs, ETAP Department, UAlbany, our local communities, and beyond. 

What we do:

We deliver a variety of programs, workshops, and social events that help our members: 1. Navigate the Ph.D. experience and program requirements2. Develop skills and knowledge necessary to conduct high-quality research, and 3. Build personal and professional relationships in the university and beyond.

The three pillars of ETAP DocS are:
1. Milestones.
2. Research.
3. Community building.

How to join:

All doctoral students in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice are automatically members of the organization.  All you have to do is click on the “Upcoming Events” link above and come to one of our events!

How do I become more involved?

We’re always looking for volunteers to bring new ideas or to take on planning and leadership roles.  If you have some ideas or would like to play a larger role in the organization, please get in touch!

Email: Please contact us at etapdocs@albany.edu.

Facebook: We also post frequently on our Facebook page. Please search Facebook for ETAP DocS Student Lounge 2.0 and once found, request permission to join the group. We’ll set you up ASAP!

Instagram: @ETAPDocS

For event reminders: Text @etapd to 81010 to get connected on Remind. You’ll get alerts about our upcoming events!

Upcoming Events

Presidents Award for Leadership (22 April 2023)
UAlbany Showcase (27 April 2023)
Winner of the UAlbany Showcase’s
‘People’s Choice Award 2023′
School of Education Scholarship/Award Ceremony (28 April 2023)